Monday, 16 December 2013

{Eeeny Meeny} @ ~[TODDLEEDOO]*FAIR~

So the Toddleedoo Fair is on and we're there!

We have an item there that's completely exclusive to the fair and it's only 10L!

He's so cute and waiting for you to take him home.

He's also 100% mesh.

We also have our Full Shaylee Collection as well as the rocking chair, high chair and crib in both light and dark wood on sale!

You can only get the discount at the fair as well as the snowman so don't miss out!

Hurry before it ends!

Monday, 9 December 2013

We're Excited! Are you?

So we've made a couple of sales and we're really happy about it!

It's really great to know there's some interest in our products.

With Christmas on the way, we're hoping things will pick up a lot over the holidays but we expect it to be pretty slow considering we've only just opened and we don't have a lot on sale.

That's about to change.

Both my sister and I are working on ideas and trying to get them out before Christmas but our schedules are crazy with the holidays and all. You know what it's like. We are hoping to release another bedroom set soon and another soon after. One for boys and eventually something in "neutral" colors.

We also have some toy ideas in development that we hope will be successful. I'm pretty positive they will be because I'm super excited about getting these out there and playing with them myself! I'd like to tell you but I don't want to spoil the surprise! Teehee

So please do keep up with our blog if possible. You really don't wanna miss what we have in store for you guys!

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Happy Hanukkah and Thanksgiving!

We just wanted to wish everyone who celebrates these holidays, a great time today as well as the days that follow.

Hope you are all safe and keeping warm or cool depending on your location!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

We're Open!

Firstly, we'd like to welcome you to Eeny Meeny  Creations' official blog.

This is where we will be posting updates about our items so you will always have the latest information on our new releases.

So without further delay, allow us to introduce you to our latest collections and items.

This is our Shaylee Collection in light wood.

And this is the Shaylee Collection in dark wood.

The full set comes with the following:

2 Cribs (one with bow and one without bows)
   9 prims each
    16 animations in total for parent and child
   copy, no modify, no transfer

 2 High Chairs (one with bows one without)
  11 realistic meals
    Toast with Marmalade
    Strawberries and Apple pieces.
    Pumpkin Soup
    Green Bean Puree
    Chicken Noddle Soup
    Fish and Chips
    Brussel Sprouts ( For a little fun :P )
    A plate of Cookies
    Apple Pie
  5 prims each
  5 animations for child only
  copy, no modify, no transfer

2 Sets of Draws (one with a changing table and animations and the other without a changing table and animations)
  5 prims each
  7 animations in total for parent and child
  copy, no modify, no transfer

2 Toy Boxes (one with bows and one without)
  15 prims each
  copy, no modify, no transfer

2 Lamps with on/off switch (one with a bow and one without)
  3 prims
  copy, no modify, no transfer

Rocking Chair rocks on touch
  5 prims
  14 animations in total for child and parent
  copy, no modify, no transfer

Rocking Horse rocks on touch
  2 prims
  3 animations for child only
  copy, no modify, no transfer

Musical Teddy Bear play song on touch
  1 Prim
  copy, no modify, no transfer

 4 Prims
  copy, no modify, no transfer

Book Shelf
  5 Prims
  copy, modify, no transfer

Wall Picture Frames
  3 Prims
  copy, modify, no transfer

 1 Prim
  copy, no modify, no transfer

There's also a wallpaper texture included to match the room!

I think the lighter wood gives a very soft and cozy feel whilst the dark wood is more bold but still has a rather nice stylish charm to it.

I honestly can't choose which one I think looks best!

It's a great bedroom set for anyone who wants really interactive items for family role-playing.

The menu system for the poses is AVSitter and we have some pretty wonderful poses in everything which you can preview here before you purchase.

As well as being able to buy the full sets we have the main bits being sold individually just in case you only wish to buy a few bits of the sets.

Also, we are selling a lunch box with our logo on it for 1L! It was RJ's (that's me!) first attempt at making his own mesh model and texturing it. It's not perfect but that's why we're selling it at 1L.

We've really been working hard to make sure this is all just the way we wanted it. We've both put a lot of time and effort into this but if it weren't for Angelikah's great talent in design, we wouldn't exist. She comes up with the best ideas on texturing and putting together the right items that it just fits together so beautifully.

That's all for our Grand Opening! We really hope you like our store and that you visit us regularly to catch up on our latest items.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Angelikah or RJ. Or you can leave a comment below.